BowWOW CBD Softgels for Dogs


BowWOW CBD Softgels For Dogs – a life-changing aid for man’s best friend. Our Canine line is formulated to manage anxiety, joint pain, and many other symptoms that afflict aging dogs as well as dogs with hyperactivity and health complications. BowWOW CBD Softgels For Dogs give you peace of mind and your dog a happier and natural healthy lifestyle.

Give your canine only the best with BowWOW CBD Softgels For Dogs that are:

  • USA-grown on Federally Licensed farms
  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO
  • THC-Free

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BIOS BowWOW CBD For Dogs is formulated to provide:

  • Anti-Anxiety
  • Immune System Support
  • Joint Pain Relief

Suggested Use

  • Give 2 – 5mg softgels daily to canine
  • Bottle contains 1 month supply/60 gel softgels per bottle


BIOS is a certified and legal provider of CBD and hemp products. BowWOW CBD Softgels contain the world’s purest form of THC-Free CBD, derived only from organic USA-grown hemp on Federally Licensed farms. This hemp oil is quality controlled to contain the countless therapeutic benefits of CBD, with the peace of mind of a reputable source. 

BowWOW CBD Softgels For Dogs offers the highest bioavailability on the market. Each convenient twist-off softgel can be ingested whole or squeezed directly into your dog’s mouth or food. BowWOW CBD for dogs is formulated for high bioavailability and optimal absorption into the bloodstream, giving you dog safe CBD that is quick, convenient, and reliable.

BIOS BowWOW CBD Softgels For Dogs are non-psychoactive. Our proprietary CBD for dogs is free of THC and any associated side effects. Derived from hemp plants, the CBD in our BowWOW Softgels has no psychoactive ingredients, removing any feeling of being high or the adverse effects that go along with it. Use CBD for dogs as a natural and safe method to improve their quality of life.

Go Full Natural Health. Go BIOS.

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60 Capsules




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